Introducing Signarama's new franchise model - affordable and innovative!

Introducing Signarama's new franchise model - affordable and innovative!
Signarama launches new franchise model, the first of its kind for the signage industry in Southern Africa. At a cost of R85k (ex VAT) and with zero further investment in production equipment, the new virtual Signarama Xpress Store will empower more young entrepreneurs to own a business.
Introducing Signarama's new franchise model - affordable and innovative!

Signarama, the largest and most trusted signage franchise in Southern Africa, has just launched an exciting addition to their franchise options. The Signarama Xpress Store is a cutting-edge, innovative approach to franchising that eliminates the need for a physical storefront.

With this model, aspiring entrepreneurs can operate their business remotely from a virtual or co-working space. What sets this apart from other signage franchises is the ability to outsource production, drastically reducing financial investment and operational costs.

Compared to a brick-and-mortar Signarama Super Store, the Xpress Store is significantly more affordable at just R85,000 (ex VAT). This includes franchise license fees, a comprehensive training programme, ongoing support, and marketing setup, with an additional R25,000 re-investment from the franchise. Exclusions include working capital, royalty fees, marketing fees, and POS system costs.

By choosing to franchise with Signarama, owners benefit from an established and recognised brand name, as well as gain access to over 20 years of industry expertise, shared knowledge from fellow franchisees, and a robust infrastructure. Other franchising options include the Signarama Studio Store, Signarama Super Store, and Conversion Model.

With a dedicated franchise team led by general manager Kurt Tyack, Signarama is committed to helping potential franchisees find the perfect fit for their individual needs and goals. From onboarding support to comprehensive training and ongoing marketing assistance, Signarama is dedicated to ensuring the success of every new store.

Interested investors can contact Shannon Wright directly for more information at More information on this new franchise model can also be viewed on the Signarama YouTube channel.